Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Nine Frame Structure Analysis

Here is an image of the a 9 frame analysis of a thriller film called SE7EN

Each frame have a particular meaning and a level of importance to the film. As you can see from the image above, the first nine shots involve titles as well. The titles all have a particular purpose and its generally put in order of importance.

The first frame is the most important frame due to the fact that it is the first frame that everyone sees once the film starts. In this case, we can see something that looks like a book with white writing on top of it. The white writning are the credits of the film. Both the background and the writing has a particular purpose to the film and is all done for a reason. For example, the white writing is something that we see in most thriller films, therefore that could have purposely been done to signify the fact that the film could be of a thriller genre. Another reason as to why the writing could have been white is because they may have wanted the white writing to stand out from the dark background to make it very clear for the audience to see.

The second frame shows the who the film is by. It shows that the film is by David Facher. This is also written in white writing so it stands out for the audience to see. However, the background image changes to something else. In this case its someones hand, but it looks abnormal. I personally think that this was purposely done in order to give the audience a rough idea of things that could happen during the cause of the film. It shows that there are two hands on a piece of paper, it could be trying to raise the enigma for the audience from early on in the film. It could make them wonder why the character has two hands on paper with a red line inbetween it.

Frame three is unique in my opinion. The reason for this is ebcause it has no credits on it therefore it could have purposely been done to empathise the fact that the directors want the audience to concentrate on the image that is being shown. The image shows someone holding something sharp like a razor or a blade. This is another convention of a thriller genre because this prop can be seen as a weapon that an antagonist would use to harm a protagonist. We also see a close up shot of hands again, this could be done to empathise on the power that hands may have throughout the cause of the film.

The fourth frame is one of the most important frames out of all nine frames, the reason for this is because it shows the title of the film. Its written in capital in order to make it clear that this is the title of the film and it has a very dark background so it stands out. We also see notepads in the image as well. In my opinion this was done to make it clear that this may be a prop that we see time and time again throughout the film. 

The fifth frame shows a character writing on a piece of paper. This is where things begin to become alot more clearer now due to the fact that in a few of the previous frames, it involves notepads, paper and hands. This is done to raise and enigma in my opinion, the reason for this is because the audience is unable to see what is being written on the piece of paper. The fact that the character is writing on white paper could make the audience wonder what the character is writing due to the fact that it can potentially be anything. Through this frame, its automatically left the audience on a cliffhanger. A cliffhanger is a successful convention of a thriller genre.

Frame six shows a unique image the reason for this is because its a shot of someone drawing a little boy. This is important because it could show that the film may have something to do with a young boy. In the drawing it shows that the person that is being drawn is being blind folded, therefore they are unable to see what may happen to them throughout the cause of the film. This is another thing that can create an enigma because it has the potential to make the audience wonder exactly why a boy has been drawn blindfolded for. It also has a dark background as well, this can show that the boy may be trapped in darkness and he is the light. It could represent anything in my opinion. There are also credits on this particular image showing who was in charge of the casting of the film.

The seventh frame shows the hand of someone. Throughout the frames, the camera has empathised on hands, paper and writing therefore I personally believe that this image is contineing the sequence. However with this partcular image, it has credits on it. This one shows who it was produced and directed by therefore it has a huge level of importance.

The eighth frame is also another awkward frame which creates enigmas for the audience. The reason for this is because it shows someone sowing paper together. This is something that nobody would consider as normal therefore it could make the audience ask questions as to why this is happening. The fact that it could be seen as an enigma is a convention of the thriller genre. This frame also doesn't have credits on it therefore it could mea that the directors want the focus to be directly on the image in order to make the audience aware of it.

The ninth and final frame is a shot of something which looks like words wripped out of a newspaper. This is a typical thing that the antagonist is likely to do therefore this image could represent that the antagonist is trying to mask something up at the beginning of the film.

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